We Are Soldiers

May 18th 2022 18:00 UTC

PFP Presale Mint on Cronos Chain

10,000 unique PFP NFTs with different attributes and rarities!

Each mint is the same price of 230 CRO ($30 USD), who knows you may get lucky and mint the rarest NFT!

  • Access to future NFT presales
  • Use the NFT in our upcoming metaverse
  • Purchase matching physical metal NFT
  • Discount on metaverse land purchases
  • Early access to third party NFT drops
  • And much much more...
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Your Refferal Link:

Below you will find your refferal link which is based on your wallet. No registration or anything, simply post the below link on your socials and if someone buys, you will be paid instantly: Click here for more info

Note: Users who follows your link will be locked into your commission for 7 days, so as long as they buy within 7 days of clicking your ref link, you still get the commission. How cool is that!

Launching May 18th 2022 18:00 UTC

Do not miss this chance!

The Ecosystem

The "We Are Soldiers" NFTs are just the tip of the iceberg.

We are building an entire ecosystem for the soldiers through metaverse/gaming as well as bringing great additions to your new PFP.

Imagine owning multiple soldiers, super soldiers, weapons, artillery and land:

  • Mint Your Soldiers
  • Free pixelated soldiers for the first 5,000 mints 1:1 per soldier
  • Serums to create super soldiers from your soldier
  • Add weapons to your soldiers
  • Buy land ready to host your soldiers, super soldiers, etc
  • Get involved in a metaverse of comradery and warfare
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Free Pixelated Soldier

Mint your soldiers before 5,000 mints have taken place and get your pixelated version for FREE.

This is a separate collection with it's own floor.

After 5,000 mints have taken place, they will cost $15 each, but you need to own a soldier to mint a pixelated soldier.

  • Mint your soldier before 5,000 mints
  • All soldiers have a pixelated counterpart
  • Separate collection with it's own floor
  • Awesome retro looking PFP
  • $15 to mint after 5,000 mints have taken place
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Soldiers have many traits, from diamond skin to golden helmets, but there are some extremely rare traits such as a golden gun or an Elon musk dog tag!

  • Backgrounds
  • Faces
  • Eyes
  • Beaks
  • Helmets
  • Horns
  • Badges
  • Accessories
  • Blood & Gore
  • And much much more...
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Soldiers will provide great utility within our ecosystem, see below for a list of some utilities coming to our soldiers.

  • Pixelated soldiers for the first 5,000 minted regular soldiers
  • Name your soldier
  • Add weapons/artillery to your soldier
  • Add a national flag in the background
  • Use serum to create a super soldier
  • Access to future presales
  • Use in our upcoming metaverse
  • Discount on land purchases
  • Early access to third party NFT drops
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There are 10,000 soldiers and each one is unique with it's own set of traits which have different rarities. Below is a list of some of the rarest traits.

  • Golden Gun
  • Elon Musk dog tag
  • Diamond Horns
  • Diamond Eyes
  • General Ranking Badge
  • Golden Helmet
  • Rainbow Diamond Beak
  • Grenade Weapon
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Your link clicks: Connect your wallet to see...

Marketeers, there are 10,000 soldiers and each buyer you refer to us, we will pay you 10%.

If a user you refer buys 100 "We Are Soldier" NFTs at $30, you get $300 instantly paid via our smart contract! Even if you sell just one soldier, our contract will pay the commission instantly, there are no limits.

Now for the juicy stuff... we are giving away $14,000 USD in prizes to the top 3 referrers after we are sold out.

  • 1st prize $10,000
  • 2nd prize $3,000
  • 3rd prize $1,000


Launching May 18th 2022 18:00 UTC

Get ready to mint for $30 USD each!!!

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